Some people train hard, some train smart. Your goal should be to train both hard and smart. Why? This is the best way to insure positive gains both in your life and in your martial arts training. Put another way, this two-pronged approach prepares you for high-performance living. Virtually all aspects of Martial Arts training are


Ever wake up in a bad mood? You may notice that after you get up and get moving, you start to feel a lot better and your mood begins to improve. Have you ever had a class that when you started you really didn’t feel too good? Then after a good warm up, you started


Why bother to set big goals? Well, one reason is because larger goals give you a much broader frame when measuring your progress and growth. Focusing only on small, immediate goals helps in the short-term, but in the martial arts we’re always thinking long-term as well. Another reason is that setting your sights on large scale


If you’ve done it for more than a few weeks, you know that training in the martial arts is more than just getting fit, learning a few techniques and hoping for the best. Hidden in the practice are a series of problem-solving routines that help us to untangle not just what to do in stressful