Why bother to set big goals? Well, one reason is because larger goals give you a much broader frame when measuring your progress and growth. Focusing only on small, immediate goals helps in the short-term, but in the martial arts we’re always thinking long-term as well. Another reason is that setting your sights on large scale

If you’ve done it for more than a few weeks, you know that training in the martial arts is more than just getting fit, learning a few techniques and hoping for the best. Hidden in the practice are a series of problem-solving routines that help us to untangle not just what to do in stressful


Sometimes life throws us something completely unexpected, and we lose all sense of where we are. It can be a moment of tragedy – like when somebody dies, you lose a job, you get into a car accident – or just a creeping sense of hopelessness shows up from out of nowhere. So what does


It’s nice to say that we’re going to use the Martial Arts to build confidence and responsibility, but what does this mean in practice? What actions can we take to help us squeeze some of the juice out of the things we’re experiencing as practitioners? One way is to change our thinking habits. Not just