No truly healthy person I know just stumbled into a life of proper nutrition and emotional balance. Sure, they may have come across the martial arts by accident…or they may have found a diet that worked for them by chance. But none of their long-term results happened passively. They’ve all been the product of consistent effort over

Do you have kids? Even if you don’t, you’ve probably still had the opportunity to watch as they see, hear, touch, and learn things for the first time. They progress at different rates in different areas.  One child walks “early” and talked “late,” whereas another may be just the opposite.  In either case they have to

One of the troubles I struggled with as a younger person was my own fear of rejection. In it’s mildest form, it was a worry that I wouldn’t be accepted. It seemed to show up everywhere I looked: I thought I wouldn’t be able to make friends. I thought I wouldn’t ever have a girlfriend. I

Clinton Hill: March 29 at 8pm • Cobble Hill: March 29 at 7pm • Dyker Heights: March 29 at 7pm • Bensonhurst: March 30 at 7pm   Our Women’s Self-Defense Seminars aren’t about survival – they’re about success. We teach all our students that learning self-defense for success is critical. It’s especially true when you’re living

“My father told me not to think about winning, but to focus on not losing.” This kicked off the BBJJ staff “Q&A” with the legendary Royce Gracie back in January. What happened from there revealed a lot about how that early Jiu-Jitsu mindset could create amazing results that we’ve experienced as practitioners. After all, that was

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Our core philosophy at BBJJ Martial Arts is about fostering growth by providing the supportive, collaborative conditions that allow students at all stages of life to train well for the long haul. But with holidays coming, lots of us are planning to be away from the dojo. So…a quick quiz: Q: What do you do when you

I just recently ran my third NYC Marathon, and once again had an incredible experience. But running this one made me realize something very profound. It wasn’t because it was the hardest or the most grueling of the three. In fact, I think it was the best (if not the easiest) overall. Of course, I

We define black belt in all sorts of ways – commitment, courage, humility, humanity. And across the world you’d be hard-pressed to find two people who agree exactly on what it means. Is it a perfect technique? A demonstration of mental toughness? An ideal of perfection? It is all of those things, but ultimately it cannot

Before I started training in the Martial Arts I had so many questions. “Will I like it…will I be good at it…is it fun…do I want to do it?” But for some reason the first time I typed a search into Google, that’s not what I typed. Instead I wrote, “How much does Jiu-Jitsu cost