We define black belt in all sorts of ways – commitment, courage, humility, humanity. And across the world you’d be hard-pressed to find two people who agree exactly on what it means. Is it a perfect technique? A demonstration of mental toughness? An ideal of perfection? It is all of those things, but ultimately it cannot


A friend of mine, who I haven’t seen in years, contacted me on Facebook. He asked me a question I’ve answered dozens of times as an instructor: “I’m 40…can I really start training at my age?” My unqualified response is – of course – yes. It’s never too late. But there are a few important caveats for anybody


I’ve always loved being a student. I like learning new things, so being a good student came naturally for me. Plus having a teacher for a mom helped. I got to see all the work she put into her lesson plans; I got to see first hand how much her students meant to her. (In fact,


Some people train hard, some train smart. Your goal should be to train both hard and smart. Why? This is the best way to insure positive gains both in your life and in your martial arts training. Put another way, this two-pronged approach prepares you for high-performance living. Virtually all aspects of Martial Arts training are