Zack’s Story…

As I entered my late twenties, my weight had finally surpassed all of my previous expectations and I had given up.

My bleak outlook didn’t help to motivate much change in myself either. I convinced myself that I just wasn’t meant to be fit and healthy. I blamed it on genetics or anything else out of my control.

A friend convinced my girlfriend and myself to take a class and give it a shot. We took the class, and I started coming to the basic classes. I immediately noticed that something different was happening at BBJJ…

Now, characteristics that used to be my weaknesses are becoming some of my most prized strengths. Goals no longer seem like lofty aspirations and all things now seem obtainable through practice and discipline.

I could have never imagined that so much was possible when I began training at BBJJ. I have enormous gratitude to the instructors and the people I train with. It has become another family to me!

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BBJJ cultivates what Jigoro Kano called “mutual benefit” for all practitioners, so everyone can train safely, learn quickly and get sharper…fast!

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