Dear BBJJ Students,

To help you navigate these difficult and uncharted waters, we’ve poured our energy into sharing many strategies, classes and activities since having to close our actual doors several weeks ago. We’ve always preached that the martial arts go well beyond what happens in the classroom, and this has been our chance to “walk the talk”.

We have to find a way to keep doing this until we are able to open once again and begin to offer in person classes. In May, we will continue to suspend your regular tuition, but we are asking for your participation as we begin this $99 per month online program. The link to sign up for this program is below. This tuition will cover each household rather than each child or adult student in a household, and will allow us to keep you connected to the dojo, to our instructors and to the progress you and your children have made so far in your martial arts journey.

We understand that many of you are faced with economic uncertainty and other stresses. For this reason, we will also provide families in our $99 program with one month of free training at the conclusion of your present program.

These circumstances are far from ideal for all of us. Our hope is that our dojo – its philosophy, its community and its instructors – can provide you and your children with a sense of progress, connection and normalcy during these difficult times. We wish you health, safety, and sanity in the weeks ahead, and look forward to seeing you online.

Thank you for your support,
Shihan, Professor and everyone at BBJJ