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Royce Gracie Seminar

BBJJ Cobble Hill 157 Columbia Street, Brooklyn

Join us for 2 hours with the legend! Considered by to be the most influential figure in the history of Jiu-Jitsu and modern MMA, Master Royce Gracie will be BBJJ's first seminar of 2017. Don't miss this landmark event! ===THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT!===


Back-To-School Stranger Danger!

All Schools

This session is **FREE**, and is geared to ALL children, whether they have martial arts experience or not. We’ll be teaching our families a systematic way to help keep kids safe from potential threats through a combination of fun activities, role-playing and clear strategies for how to deal with common threats. We run these seminars only a […]


Back-To-School Bully Buster!

All Schools

While many children look forward to the first day of school year, there are many more who feel a deep apprehension - frightened about returning to class and facing school bullies. This class helps kids and parents to understand the basics of how to get (and stay!) bully-free through a combination of fun activities, role-playing and […]