We are very excited to present the newest iteration of the Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Leadership Course. This course has consistently produced life-changing results for students in our schools for the past eight years.


What Is It?
The Course is designed to challenge your expectations of yourself, your training and what it means to be a serious martial artist. Our Leadership students learn take on, with full engagement, everything from the classroom techniques to partner drills to written assignments to their communication style. It is a chance to view your work, your practice and your life through a very different lens.

Each lesson in the Leadership course is divided into 2 parts – one physical session and one classroom session. The physical portion is dedicated to a different Jiu-Jitsu concept each week, while the classroom section features a different leadership concept.

What’s It Do?
The Course teaches not just the technical skills of “leading better”, but how to apply healthy, intelligent sustainable strategies to the challenges you face day to day. It’s helped family members, friends and training partners to listen better, communicate better and connect better.

It also gives our students a new “frame” through which to view their learning on the mat by exploring the roots of our martial arts philosophy. Generosity, openness, flexibility, problem-solving and patience are a few of the priorities we focus on during the 6 weeks.

Past sessions have gone off created platforms for our students to improve communities through service projects, like this beach clean-up and this community-garden composting project. You can read about all the rest of the work our graduates have done here.

When Is It?
This cycle will take place at our Bensonhurst School on Bay Parkway. It lasts for 6 weeks, and classes will be at 8pm on Thursday nights, beginning on May 19th.

Who Can Participate?
Any student who has taken Jiu-Jitsu with us at any level can take part in the Course. Yes – Basic students are invited! And if you’re main focus is Thai Kickboxing, you’re encouraged to speak to your Professor directly to see what we cna do to help you to qualify.

For those who are interested in expanding their martial arts experience and receiving a “higher education”, this Course was tailor-made for you.

What is the Tuition?
The tuition is included for all Expert-Level students at all schools. For Basic and Advanced students, the tuition is normally $299 for the full 6 Week Leadership Course. However, students who enroll prior to May 15th will receive $100 off the full Course, making it only $199.

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