Our Best Year Yet

Martial arts teaches a balance between mindfulness of the present and planning for the future. Your best years are ahead of you, not behind you.

So, in preparation for 2016, we would like you to think about the power of being a fast starter and a strong finisher. What’s the best way to make this your best year ever?

Train often. You’ve made a promise to yourself already about your fitness and martial arts training, which puts you ahead of those who are still deciding. The combination of a clearly articulated plan and the action of showing up to train is a powerful pathway to positive progress.

How does this help you have your best year ever?

When you follow through on one promise to yourself, you support all the other promises you’ve made in your life. Getting serious about your training, your fitness and your personal growth is fuel for other commitments.

For the martial artist, this time of year is also a time to reconnect to those goals achieved and those in progress. It’s a chance to commit and recommit to the attitudes, behaviors and disciplines we’ve been working on throughout 2015.

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Start to envision the next year ahead. Not just planning, but preparation:

What are you planning to read?

How can you become a more complete martial artist?
What kind of shape are you going to be in?
How can you create a deeper sense of abundance?
Are you in the habit of giving?
What will you be studying or learning?

Where do you want to be in another one, three or five years? Without a plan, you risk falling into the plans that others have made…and they might not have much planned for you at all.

The journey to black belt through the martial arts is the ultimate goal-setting process, and one that informs and improves all the others in your life. Becoming a Black Belt is a long-range goal, but you have to begin by creating clarity for the start of the journey. Planning for your next stripe or belt – creating a training schedule, building your skills, eating right – is a great way to outline for success.

We look forward to the year ahead. Cheers to joining you on the mat in 2016. Oss!

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