Charles’ BBJJ Experience

Over the course of the past year I have spent a significant amount of time training at the Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School and have come to find that it has done nothing but benefit me in a great number of ways. Jiu Jitsu has made me a calmer, more confident and more dedicated person. It’s not only my cardiovascular system that has strengthened by training the martial arts, I have been strengthened mentally as well. At BBJJ you learn that the martial arts aren’t what you see on television. The martial arts are a way of life and a devotion to discipline.

I have on several occasions handed out VIP cards, and recommended different people looking for a new way to challenge and train themselves to BBJJ. BBJJ is different from other martial arts schools, from the phenomenal instructors, to the way they care for each of their students, to the professors amazing talent and eye for technique, BBJJ has everything you could hope for. The Student Creed recited after every class is a constant reminder and guideline to keep the focus on the mat. Those guidelines are truly what the school is about.

Prior to starting my training at BBJJ I was often found in the gym, lifting weights, striving to be stronger and bigger. Now I find myself less often striving at the gym and more often trying to perfect my technique and learn new moves. Jiu Jitsu is now my focus for working out. My stamina has improved and so has my personality on and off the mat. Because of BBJJ I now find myself more goal oriented and less frequently stressing about the smaller things and find myself more often keeping a calm and relaxed persona instead of getting worked up over things that don’t matter. Family and friends notice the change and Jiu Jitsu has done nothing but benefit my life. So I would like to thank my instructors and encourage all new students to take a chance and not give up.