News this Week

Congratulations to all our new Orange, Green, Blue, Purple & Brown belts! The Rank Evaluation was amazing! Thanks to all the students who came and supported their training partners.

Upcoming Events at BBJJ..

  • Wednesday July 29th- FREE Yoga class. 6pm. ATP No Gi class CANCELED for the day.
  • Saturday August 1st- SUPERCAMP! 10am-4pm. Be sure to register at the front desk after your next class.

Upcoming Events at BBJJ2…

  • Every Wednesday- Self Defense at 7pm
  • Wednesday July 29th- 5pm Junior Basic Parents as Coaches.
  • Thursday July 30th- Professor Glick’s Omoplata Seminar. 8pm. Advanced Students ONLY!

For Information on these and other exciting programs, please click on the “CONTACT” tab below!