News This Week

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves at Mr. L’s Personal Safety Seminar. Thanks to all who participated! Be sure to sign up for Yoga after your next class!

Upcoming Events at BBJJ..

  • Every Wednesday- All Level Personal Safety at 7pm
  • Every Wednesday- ATP Striking Class at 8pm
  • Monday August 10th- JUNIOR BUDDY DAY EXTRAVAGANZA! 3pm-5pm
  • Thursday August 20th- Orientation for Adult Basic students. 8pm
  • Wednesday August 26th- FREE Yoga class at 6pm. ATP 6pm No Gi is canceled!

Upcoming Events at BBJJ2…

  • Every Wednesday- Personal Safety at 7pm
  • Every Friday- Stranger Danger at 5pm
  • Thursday August 13th- Adult Orientation class 7pm

For Information on these and other exciting programs, please click on the “CONTACT” tab below!