Positive Self-Control

Besides being creatures of habit, we are all emotional beings. Most of the actions you take are based on your emotions.

So how do we learn to make better decisions? On the mat and off, the key is to learn to control your emotions so they don’t control you.

One of the greatest benefits you’ll see from Martial Arts training is what we call “positive self-control” when it comes to your emotions. Rather than just reacting all the time, you can learn to do three important things:

First, assess…

Then respond…

Then reset.

When you train yourself in this way, you begin to understand that there are ways that you can influence your own emotions, putting you in the driver seat.

This is a very empowering experience, one that is directly in line with the principles of Jiu-Jitsu: efficiency, effectiveness, creativity and consideration.

If you’ve ever lost control of your emotions, this usually means you’ve grown mad, sad or upset over something that’s happened to you. You’ve allowed your emotions to be in the driver’s seat, when they’d do much better as a passenger. With consistent training and practice, you can and will gain control over your emotions; and this will allow you to excel in your training and your life.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, stricken with polio at age 39, became president at the height of the Great Depression, and helped the American people regain their faith in themselves. He wrote,  “We are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of our own minds.”

What are you a “prisoner” of? What are you doing to change it?

The things you focus on day in and day out have a significant influence on your attitude. Your daily habits can have a positive or a negative impact on your thoughts and emotions. The more you direct your focus and thinking patterns, the better control you will have over your emotions.

Martial arts training puts us directly in front of ourselves. We’re reminded about both our strengths and our shortcomings on a regular basis – a personal inventory that many people lack the courage to consider. As modern warriors, we have to consider the physical, mental and emotional habits we’re building as we work towards black belt.

Thoughts lead to feelings, your feelings lead to your actions, and your actions always determine your results.

Improve your thinking and you will improve your life.