Strategy for Dealing with Injuries

From the book Train to Win, here is a Strategy for Dealing with Injuries:
  1. Accept that the injury has occurred and move forward.
  2. Examine how the injury happened so it never happens again.
  3. Find out all you can about the injury and its rehabilitation.
  4. Use every method of rehabilitation you can get your hands on.
  5. Be consistent and thorough with your rehabilitation.
  6. Find an outlet and determine what training you can do around the injury.
  7. Focus on areas that you needed to improve pre-injury.
  8. Don’t test injury while healing and re-irritate it.
  9. Develop a list of the things that the injury is trying to tell you.
  10. Don’t forget what you learned from the injury for the future.

View every setback as an opportunity for a comeback. You can view injury as a problem or a challenge. A problem is something you have, a challenge is something you have to take on.