Thai Boxing Graduation – Anna’s Essay

As I have been nearing my next belt blue purple stripe, I have seen many ups and downs in my journey to black belt.  I have felt more energetic than I have when I first started. I feel like I can go longer and not get tired as easily. I remember a time when I ran two blocks to catch up to a bus that was coming up to the stop. I made it and wasn’t as breathless as I could have been. My endurance is up. I have felt less anxious in others and more confident in myself. I feel less angry when I go to work and come from work. It is always good to look forward to the class when it’s time to go.

Whenever I go to work, I am always approached by my female coworkers that ask me about my thai boxing bag when I bring it to work. They ask me where I go, and why, and of course if I have seen any results with my training. I tell them that muay thai boxing is so much fun, and I try to go consistently so that I can become a black belt. The girls are interested and I end up giving them the friends and family program cards, so when they are ready the girls can come to class and have a blast with me or like me.

The most important part of my training would probably be the fact that, by training and focusing on my sucess I feel less angry. I feel less afraid to go ahead and do what I want, or to fight for what I want and or need to do. I have seen my organization go up and down in my life, but since I have a schedule that I must keep, it is easier to fall into a rythm than be miserable. Going to Thai boxing makes me happy, and I am happy to make friends. To train with them and have fun with the girls, and my husband is a big treat for me. To be happy with my family inside and outside the dojo is the most important change that I am working on right now.