Top 10 Benefits of Training

10 Most Often-Seen Benefits from Training at  Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Brooklyn Vindhya Yoga

We’ve spoken to hundreds of students about the most important part of their training here at BBJJ/BVY. Below are the top ten reasons why people started – and continued – their martial arts and yoga practice with us.

#10 Healthy Lifestyle
Our students enjoy not only the exercise and physical fitness that comes with on-the-mat training, but also a “healthy lifestyle” mentality. Not only do they learn to create healthy habits inside the dojo or yoga classroom, but  then to take those habits into their daily routines. Committed students learn to focus on what will get them closer to their goals, and as a result they make healthier lifestyle choices. Everything from what foods to eat, activities to participate in, books to read and people to spend out time with are part of this process.

#9 Discipline
Time is something we can’t get back. BBJJ/BVY martial artists and yoga practitioners know that the key is to discipline is not to spend time, but rather to invest their time in those areas which are most beneficial. The discipline that comes from being on a regular training schedule and following school protocol will help students become more disciplined with time and priorities outside the school.

#8 Goal Setting
At our schools we focus on Black Belt and Black Mat training. Setting these long-term goals will come with some challenges along the way, but the results are more victories through the process. Any smoker can give up smoking for a day; in order to see real benefit they would need to set a long-term goal like quitting smoking for good. For children, setting longer-term goals for school (like having perfect attendance or consistent on-time homework) will do wonders for their grades.

#7 Focus
The ability to block out distractions and concentrate on one thing at a time is important. It’s especially significant for parents who are managing a career, a home life and taking care of kids.  The training on the mat builds focus as we concentrate on one drill at a time with repetition. This skill will come in handy when things get hectic at home and setting priorities becomes vital.

#6 Stress Relief
It’s unfortunate that out of the 168 hours in a week, adults often will say they don’t have 2 hours to exercise. One could say if we can’t find 2 hours out of 168, then we are shaving a lot more then 2 hours a week from our life. It’s important that we give ourselves the time to enjoy learning a new skill, to improve our health, to surround ourselves with energetic people and to “vent” in a positive manner. Students enjoy the stress relief that comes with leaving work, school and family for just a few hours a week to focus on themselves. In doing so, when they get back to work, school or their families they have more energy and are a nicer person to be around.

#5 Respect
BBJJ and BVY students love the aura of respect that comes with martial arts training and yoga practice. By preserving a traditional atmosphere of humility and courtesy, our dojos start and end with respect. From the beginning of class – where we bow and show respect – to the end – when we offer thanks and compliments on our partners training – there is a sense of community in the training. This is very different from sports environments where there is often yelling, taunting, screaming and insulting opposing players.

#4 Teamwork
Inside and outside our yoga and martial arts classes, we encourage teamwork. We do this through a cooperative work environment that favors community over competition. Training the same techniques together, working with all different ages and abilities and attention to partner work builds a sense of connection among all students.  Students often find themselves in a teaching role with a junior student as often as they are in the learning role. The ability to work as a team together allows all our students to make progress in a much faster time.

#3 Confidence
The way we look, feel, act and think all play a huge role when it comes to confidence. When a student starts to look and feel better as they become more fit, it gives them a burst of energy and confidence. When they learn techniques to defend themselves and their families, they grow in self-reliance and assurance. As a student moves up in rank and must help the newest students to learn, their confidence also increases.

#2 Self-Defense
It is more important than ever that we are able to defend our personal space. And not only from physical harm, but also from verbal attacks. The often-overlooked aspect of prevention can mean the difference between success and failure in a street confrontation. Often times attackers will target those who look weak. The martial arts and yoga give a student confidence and purpose in their life. Because of this they are less likely to be targeted and more likely to be left alone.

#1 Fun
Yoga and the martial arts are a growing practice. As more people train, new techniques are discovered and new postures are created. Because our instructors are also students of their arts, we are committed to constantly developing and refining your classroom. Endless variations, alternatives and permutations are part of the learning environment here at BBJJ/BVY. Overcoming new challenges in a healthy and rewarding way puts our students on the path to mastery,  so they learn something new each day while getting fit, staying safe and enjoying the process.