Formula for Success

More great advice from our friend, Martin Rooney of Training for Warriors:

Rooney Riddle: There are three warriors standing at the edge of a river. Two of the warriors decide to jump into the water. The question is, “How many warriors are now standing at the edge of the river?”

Many people immediately answer that there is only one warrior left on the riverbank. This, however, is not only the wrong answer, but it gives me a window into the minds of the people with which I work.

The correct answer to my riddle is “three.” Just because you have made a decision does not mean that you have taken any action to do anything about it! All too often men and women “decide” to go on a diet or lose some body fat yet don’t get any thinner. At one time or another in most people’s lives, people also commonly “decide” that it is time to get back into the gym or onto the court or mats, but strangely (and unfortunately) these same people never end up getting there. Did you ever “decide” on your New Year’s resolutions only to break them days later? Have you ever decided this was the year you were going to make more money, or quit a bad habit only to experience little change? What was the missing ingredient to getting what you want? I have discovered that it is simply the “action” that goes along with the decision! Is it really that simple? Yes, it really is.

If you want success, here is a great formula to remember: D-A=0 (Decision minus Action equals Zero)