A Thai Boxing Student’s BBJJ Experience

I first tried out for BBJJ Muy Thai Kickboxing because my husband joined and convinced me how great it was. He definitely brought me to the right place. I wanted to get in shape and I’ve seen very good results so far. I see better  definition throughout my whole body. Best of all I have much better energy all day long.

I would recommend people to come train at the school because it is so much fun. So far I have had such a great training experience. It is a fun and safe environment to train. The whole staff is super nice and always watches to correct your form and push you to train your hardest. Even all the students are so helpful and friendly.

I have noticed some great improvements in my life since I first started training. Physically I am in much better shape.  Most importantly I feel much more determined to achieve my goals in life. Thanks to all the staff at BBJJ. I cant wait to keep on training at the school and improve my skills in Muy Thai Kickboxing and get to black belt.

– Dayala