Goal-Setting Prep for the New Year

For the martial artist, this time of year is a time to reconnect to those goals achieved and those in progress. It’s a chance to commit and recommit to the attitudes, behaviors and disciplines we’ve been working on throughout 2014.

Start to envision the next year ahead. Not just planning, but preparation:

What are you planning to read?
How can you become a more complete martial artist?
What kind of shape are you going to be in?
What one or two tweaks will you make to your training regimen?
How can you create a deeper sense of abundance?
Are you in the habit of giving?
How about your career and relationships – what will they look like?
How can you create the disciplines for better self-control?
What will you be studying or learning?

the-next-levelWhere do you want to be in another one, three or five years? Without a plan, you risk falling into the plans that others have made…and they might not have much planned for you at all.

What do you want the next 12 months to look like? More of the same, or will you make adjustments to get you to the next level?

One way to start the process is to write your goals down. Then refer back to them often, especially during the first few weeks of the year. Keep them where you can review them. And when it’s appropriate, share them with the people you trust so they can hold you accountable.

The journey to black belt through the martial arts is the ultimate goal-setting process, and one that informs and improves all the others in your life. Becoming a Black Belt is a long-range goal, but you have to begin by creating clarity for the start of the journey. Planning for your next stripe or belt – creating a training schedule, building your skills, eating right – is a great way to outline for success.