The Journey From White Belt to Black Belt


We believe that the two most important belts in the Martial Arts are black belt and white belt.

White belt represents the courage to begin something new, and the willingness to be a student.

Black belt represents honest, integrity, humility, perseverance and generosity.

It also represents a single-minded determination, a willingness to persist in the face of obstacles.

Those obstacles can be external – like family, a work schedule, the other demands on our time. They can also be internal – a negative or self-defeating inner monologue, feeling dissatisfied or uncertain about our progress.

The journey from white belt to black belt is the process of personal transformation, and learning how to do battle with your own weaknesses.

In the early phases of training, black belt can seem far off; so far off, in fact, that many people fear trying to reach it. But every new black belt reminds every student of the reward that discipline, focus and commitment bring: not just a new belt around your waist, but a deeper and more involved way of living in the world.

Our martial arts mission is “black belt and beyond”, because the journey for our recent graduates is just beginning. Now that they have become black belts, they’ll find themselves with the task of being black belts…daily.

No matter where you are in your training, commit (or recommit) to the journey of black belt as a way to push yourself beyond your anxieties and fears.

We ask students to set the black belt goal early on as a way of understanding the bigger mission of the martial arts. It is not just an experiment in goal-setting – it’s also a way to commit to long-term progress and results. Black belt frames the journey of personal growth in a positive and proactive way.

Congratulations to our new graduates. Thank you for inspiring us!