Tyler’s Thai Kickboxing Essay

Tyler – age 15
The most significant change I’ve experienced since beginning the Muay Thai program at Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is self-control and my overall physical shape. The improvement in my self-control came thru the intense workout at BBJJ provides and the constant help you can get from any of the instructors. Physically since I joined BBJJ I have lost close to 40 pounds and my endurance in any physical activity has gone from lasting a few minutes to an hour without stop. It has affected myself and those around me by making me more active with my family and my friends, being able to spend more time running and playing instead of sitting under a tree resting while everyone played without me. Personally its help me with my self-esteem as well knowing that I’ve slimmed down and gotten both stronger physically and mentally.
Tyler is standing to the left of Professor Glick